Practical tips when planning a beach wedding in Melbourne

Melbourne wedding venue

Tying the knot in a distant place that is far away from your home is romantic. One of the most popular places for destination weddings is Australia because of its world famous beaches. This is the perfect choice for couples who are seeking a tropical getaway experience. Just imagine you and your soon-to-be-husband exchanging vows of forever in front of a handful selected family and friends. Recently, more couples choose to destination beach wedding for a number of personal reasons: • It is practically stress free • No scene-stealing family drama involved • Affordability • Unique and unforgettable experience • …

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Tips For Solo Travellers Who Want To Have A Unique Adventure In Chiang Mai


If you have never traveled solo before, then you may consider having a tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most people who have had Chiang Mai tours talk about the incredibly friendly people offering a lot of fun for solo travelers. Traveling solo in Chiang Mai is easy as the place is geared for tourists with its overwhelming tourism sites. Some of the common places people explore when taking Chiang Mai tours are: Wat Prathat Doi Suthep – This mountaintop temple is a must see for any person visiting Chiang Mai. Doi Pui – A small village which is a home for the …

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Keep Fit while Travelling with Yoga Online Videos

online yoga videos

In case you wanted to travel but wanted to maintain the same level of fitness, it is possible to do so by enjoying yoga online videos. These online videos can be taken anywhere no matter where you are. All you need is a phone and an internet connection. In case you have even watched a yoga class, it may seem that everybody there already understands almost all of the poses. Don’t worry. When you’re doing it in your hotel room, you can enjoy doing the yoga poses without worrying about anyone judging you. Health experts advise some kind of daily …

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Realistic, Easy-to-Stick Travel Resolutions

Blow the horns! Bang the drums! Blow up those firecrackers! It’s the New Year, and we welcome it with a blast. The New Year is classically seen as a fresh start, so, people draft their new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, people make such ambitious resolutions that are very difficult or even impossible to accomplish. For instance, an obese, sedentary guy may have a new year’s resolution of eating more vegetable dishes and exercising regularly. However, just a week or two into his “resolution,” he finds sticking to such a promise too exhaustive and difficult. As a result, he drifts into his …

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